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Turn Your Summer Blues Green!

Rising mercury, dry heat or extreme humidity – depending on where in the country you are – summer is officially here! You typically tend to cut down on the food... Read More

Superfoods, They’re Supergood

Integral parts of my working week include 750+ emails, 20+ hours of meetings (that’s 2 work days!), travel to at least 2 different cities (a few flights already) and many... Read More

Spirulina, the solution to malnutrition

Children suffering from malnutrition. Children dying from malnutrition. No matter how heart wrenching it sounds, this scenario is nothing new in Sub-Saharan Africa. The irony of the situation is that... Read More

Ensuring 100% Natural and Pure Spirulina

Spirulina – a freshwater blue-green algae superfood, is undoubtedly nature’s most powerful green food. Rich in nutrition to the extent that the United Nations declared Spirulina as the best food... Read More

Spirulina in your Daily Diet

The human body is like a machine which needs constant care and attention. Just like a machine needs lubricants to function smoothly, the human body needs nutrients to perform at... Read More