Turn your Summer Blues Green

Rising mercury, dry heat or extreme humidity – depending on where in the country you are – summer is officially here! You typically tend to cut down on the food you eat when the heat gets too much, resorting to foods and drinks that are known to be summer coolers. But have you ever considered that these changes in your diet end up causing a nutrient deficiency?

While you focus on staying cool, we have a way for you to keep your nutrition quotient high too – you will be surprised at how simple this is! Simply add a generous helping of the nutrient-dense spirulina. Enriched with protein, iron, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and plenty more; it is not without reason that spirulina is considered the king of superfoods. Consuming spirulina on a daily basis is known to boost immunity and also provide you a much needed shot of energy to brave the heat. In its powder form, this superfood is super versatile, and can be used in pretty much any dish or drink.

Here are some fun and innovative ways to add the spirulina magic to your summer specials:

1. Spirulina Popsicles

Who can forget the hours of vacation spent lying in wait for the popsicle vendor to come ringing by? This quintessential summer delight can be made super healthy in just three simple steps. Make lemon juice with crushed mint leaves. Mix in a spoonful of spirulina powder. Pour into popsicle trays (or even tumblers with a washed ice-cream stick) and freeze!

2. Spirulina Buttermilk

Nothing is more refreshing than a glass of chilled buttermilk on a hot summer day. Turn it into a green version with two spoons of spirulina blended in as you churn the curd with coriander, crushed green chillies and some salt. A great digestive, this humble drink also keeps you well hydrated.