Spirulina as your weapon against obesity

November 26, 2019 5:24 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Speaking in technical terms, obesity is a medical condition or disorder involving excessive body fat that increases the risk of health problems. Want to talk in daily terms? You’re overweight to the extent that it has started to create health issues.

You need no science to tell you that you’re overweight, but you need to understand where you blur the line between overweight and obesity.

Overweight and obesity:

  • Have critical consequences for morbidity, disability and quality of life.
  • Higher risk of developing diabetes, cardiovascular or heart related diseases, several common forms of cancer, osteoarthritis and other health problems.

Did you know that overweight and obesity are linked to more deaths worldwide than underweight.

Well, the thought itself is scary, but fear not. Obesity is curable!

Yes. You heard it right. With the correct health precautions, proper diet and exercise, and most importantly awareness of the fact that you’re overweight or obese and it is dangerous for you, obesity can be cured.

How to cure obesity?

Well, there is no shortcut to losing weight. Don’t expect to gulp down a tablet, or going on indefinite hunger strike, or one day of jogging to make you an epitome of perfect health from your months (or perhaps years) of obesity.

You need to be patient and you need to make an effort.

A proper healthy diet plan and a healthy exercise routine as per your current health status is what you need.

But yes, you can definitely speed up the process by adding a dietary supplement to support your cause – Spirulina!

Where do obesity and Spirulina connect?

Over-eating is one of the causes which stimulate obesity. The scales between amount of calories taken and amount of calories burned are disturbed. End result – you end up being overweight.

One of the methods commonly applied is going on a hunger strike, i.e. you keep turning away your face at the glimpse of every tempting bite of calorie you see in the kitchen, in the fridge, on the baker’s window. But it does test your will power a lot!

Let’s make things a little easy.

Add Spirulina to your diet. It is rich in protein (inclusive of all the 8 essential amino acids), the consumption of which satisfies the appetite and so controlling your hunger cravings. (Pay attention: we talk about controlling your stomach’s craving for food, and not your tongue’s craving for taste!)

Spirulina is the perfect mix of high protein content, low fat, and low sugar providing you sufficient nutrition. It also solves incretion disorder, helping you lose weight and at the same time keeping you energetic.

Including Spirulina in your diet is a progressive way of not just achieving rapid weight loss, but also weight loss in a controlled and sustainable way; ensuring your body does not miss out on the essential vitamins, nutrients, and minerals, required for its health, energy and vitality.

So let’s make your fight against obesity a pleasure walk in your life!