Superfoods, They’re Supergood

November 26, 2019 5:34 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Integral parts of my working week include 750+ emails, 20+ hours of meetings (that’s 2 work days!), travel to at least 2 different cities (a few flights already) and many hours of phone time. These numbers are scary when you do the math for the whole year! The flights/year are what I quote most often and the number lies somewhere between 100 to 150….

The rigours and pressures of the workplace have only intensified for us all. Whilst we incessantly run behind our targets and try and please our bosses, something we often neglect is our health and well-being. Unhealthy snacks and junk food take the place of healthy meals and exercise time is often eaten into by staying late at work or that additional hour of sleep (if it’s morning).

I am a health and fitness buff and completely swear by what I believe is the ‘holy grail’- a balanced diet (meals eaten on time), my fitness routine and getting the right amount of sleep. I’ve however come to firmly believe that it’s extremely hard to consistently put it into practice in today’s fast-paced and chaotic world. As I write this I’ve spent the whole week here in Chennai and have managed to stick to the ‘holy grail’ all week long. Next week I’m in Pune and Hyderabad, have a board meeting somewhere in the middle, a friend’s wedding to attend and will then get on the plane to Geneva where I’ll camp out at The Vitafoods show all of the following week. During all this, I can possibly stick to some parts of the ‘holy grail’, doing it all will simply be impossible ….

Over the last 6 months or so, I’ve progressively taken to a few ‘superfoods’ and am simply enjoying the benefits of these as I get on with things. Why are they ‘Supergood’?

Wholesome – The nutrition they provide is Wholesome. The Spirulina I take puts protein and anti-oxidants into my system and helps build immunity. No matter whether it’s a busy week or a more relaxed one, it keeps my energy levels high.

Convenient – Moringa has been awesome because it goes with just about anything! I can put it on my Idlis, sprinkle it over Rice, or put it into Oatmeal. No matter where I’m eating my meal, I can always have my serving of Moringa…

Powerful – I’ve been fortunate to have been introduced to ‘Astaxanthin’ courtesy our subsidiary in The US – Valensa Intl. It’s probably the most powerful anti-oxidant in the world. Apart from its Anti-Oxidant properties it’s a great anti-inflammatory and has helped me immensely with recuperating from a knee injury I picked up whilst playing cricket.

A lot of us are in the same boat. Our lives are action packed and chaotic and we often find ourselves deviating from the ‘holy grail’. Superfoods most certainly do their bit to lessen the negative effects of these deviations. They also play a big role in consistently putting the nutrition you need, into your body. There are many superfoods out there and we at Parry Wellness will do our bit to bring some of them closer to you. Follow us on and ‘like ‘our FB page ….. To keep updated with our latest developments and product offerings.

Muthu Murugappan
The author is The Head of EID Parry’s Nutraceutical Business.